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To clean blocks, wipe blocks with a damp cloth and set aside to air dry. Never soak or immerse blocks in water as they will swell and crack. Tough stains (like blueberry) can be removed by using 220+ grit sandpaper and carefully sanding the stained area.

Our blocks are NOT intended for teething babies and do not meet requirement of teething toys. Lasered wood is essentially burnt wood, and resins released from the wood in the lasering process may rub off on fingers if the blocks are exposed to excess moisture. If this happens, wipe down blocks with a damp cloth and set aside for 24 hours or until dry. 

Due to the nature of wood, it's possible after many hours of play, that the blocks may experience an occasional crack or chipped edge. Inspect blocks regularly, and remove from play if damage has created small parts or sharp edges. 

Chipped edges can be sanded smooth with 220+ grit sandpaper.

We believe our blocks are beautiful on their own without the use any stains, paints or clear coats. If you choose to finish/seal your blocks we suggest three coats of a clear-satin polyurethane or Minwax polycrylic, applied with a foam brush.

Natural mineral oils such a hemp oil or beeswax are also acceptable to use however they will darken the wood color more than polyurethane and reduce the contrast of the laser etching. Always use one block as a test and wait 48 hours to ensure you're happy with the final results. 


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